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Siral GAS Valves, When Safety is Paramount!

Siral Newsletter No.21 (November 2017)

The Gasline 309 is a gas ball valve with a unique built-in pressure port downstream of the ball that allows for pressure tests with the ball only in the close position. The positioning of the prssure port is a deliberate safety feature. The handle must be in the full closed position to access the pressure port.


The VRN3000 TAE is a gas safety ball valves with an additional thermally activated mechanism that shuts off gas flow regardless of the ball orientation. The thermal activation occurs at 92°C to 100°C (197°F to 212°F) and will maintain shut off up to 925°C (1697°F).

VN3000 HTB
The VN3000 HTB is a high temperature resistant gas safety ball valve. It has a unique design characteristic that allows the valve to seal when seats deform or melt due to extreme high temperature caused by fires. This valve can be offered with lockable handle. All0wed thermal charge: +650°C (1202°F) at 1 bar (14,5 psi) Working Preassure.

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