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Siral Valves in the Warszawa National Stadium

An esteemed customer in Warszawa specializes in production of antifire systems according norm EN12845. Recently this company has built a powerful anti fire system for the Warszawa National Stadium.
From last year our customer has introduced in its standard range the new brass valve integrated system from Siral, which is specifically designed for the connection of pressure switches in EN12845 anti fire units.
The one piece body unit includes all components of the EN12845 pumps starting circuit: main ball valve, drain valve, non return valve, two connection for pressure switches and one for manometer.
Product features:
- INSTALLATION TIME REDUCED TO 0: instead of assembling a complicated hydraulic circuit, you just put the Siral valve and that’s all! No risk of mistakes or incorrect assembling!
- COST REDUCTION AND OPTIMIZED SOURCING PROCESS: the dramatic reduction of the number of components to just one piece results in very fast and easy purchasing process.
- NO LEAKAGE: this valve system is not an assembly of various components; it’s a one piece body valve and there are no junctions that could cause leakage over time.
- DURATION AND RESISTANCE: One piece hot forged body made out of best quality European brass = Resistance = Long Life = Reliability.
As the case of this customer demonstrates, quality improvement and costs optimization can result in higher competitiveness when bidding for important projects.
For information about costs and commercial terms, please send us an email:
In the picture: fire pumps set with double fire pumps (2x30 kW) and booster pump with Siral valve system installed to connect pressure switches and guage.
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